Call for Representatives: NRCB Technical Advisory Group

Please note: this is a different notice from one issued earlier for the Policy Advisory Group (PAG).


The AEN has received a request to name environmental non-government (ENGO) representatives who would be interested inparticipating in technical discussions focused on specific issues associated with confined feeding operations (CFO's). The TAG would provide technical information to the PAG for their consideration and recommendation to the Natural Resources Conservation Board.

ENGO representation on the TAG may change as the needs for specific technical compentencies changes.

Time Commitment

The TAG will meet quarterly, or as necessary depending on workload or on the specific demands of an issue.


Expenses will be provided for the person acting as the TAG member. Travel expenses will be reimbursed. Payments of per diems or equivalent will be provided.

AEN Candidate Criteria

  • Alberta-based ENGO and AEN member in good standing; and
  • Multi-stakeholder committee experience and willingness to network with an appropriate AEN reference group (AEN Agriculture Caucus).

In addition to the above, TAG candidates should possess on or more of the following criteria:


Please reply to [email protected] by April 6, 2007, providing:

  1. your contact information;
  2. the name of the AEN member-group in-good-standing which you will represent;
  3. a description of your background, abilities, and interests, particularly those relevant to the selection criteria; and
  4. a description of your direct agriculture experience, if any.