Action Alert - Sign On to Paper on "Agriculture and the Environment - Analysis and Action"

Attached is a paper on "Agriculture and the Environment - Analysis and Action", written for the Canadian Environmental Network's Agriculture Caucus for sign-on by RCEN member groups and others. It represents a follow-up to the longer "Green Paper" prepared for the RCEN's 2006 Annual Conference on the Environment in Montreal last fall.

Given your interest in agriculture and the environment, we are asking your group to consider signing on to this position paper. The more groups sign on from across the country, the better we can show decision-makers and the media how strong and widespread the public support is for these ideas. And given the current crises in farming and on the environmental front, there's an urgent need for that support.

It's easy to sign on. Just send an email including your name, the name of your endorsing organization, and the name of the paper: "Agriculture and the Environment - Analysis and Action" to Leela Ramachandran, RCEN Agriculture Caucus Coordinator, at [email protected]. We would also be very interested in hearing any comments you may have.

If possible, please sign on by March 27, 2007. We intend to submit this paper, together with the longer "Green Paper", to the public consultations on the "Next Generation of Agriculture and Agri-Food Policy" and to the Provonost Commission on the future of Quebec agriculture, and the timing is important for those purposes.

For more information, visit the RCEN website at or contact Leela at (613)728-9810 ext. 223.

Thank you very much for considering this request. We look forward to receiving your comments, and, we hope, your group's endorsement.


Harvey Scott,
Chair RCEN Ag Caucus