Pesticide Reduction in Edmonton - Important meeting of the Transportation & Public Works Committee


From: Pesticide-Free Edmonton We would like to make you aware of an important meeting of the Transportation and Public Works Committee of City Council on Tuesday February 27th. The commitee will be reviewing a report entitled 'Pesticide Reduction Update'. This meeting will be held at 1:30pm in the River Valley Room of City Hall. The report will be available by noon on Thursday February 22 and can be accessed on the City website, then click on Transportation and Public Works "Agendas".The general public is entitled to attend but should you wish to speak to the Committee you should contact Lynne Turvey at the office of the City Clerk phone number 496 8178 or email her at lynne.turvey [at] edmonton [dot] caIf you are unable to attend this meeting but would like to make your opinions on the elimination of pesticides known to Committee members, we urge you to contact them, particularly if you reside in their wards. Members of this committee are:

  • Councillor Ron Hayter, 496 8128, Ward 2, ron.hayter [at] edmonton [dot] ca
  • Councillor Janice Melnychuk, 496 8331, Ward 3, janice.melnychuk [at] edmonton [dot] ca
  • Councillor Michael Phair, 496 8146, Ward 4, Michael.Phair [at] edmonton [dot] ca
  • Councillor Mike Nickel, 496 8132, Ward 5, Mike.Nickel [at] edmonton [dot] ca

Thank you again for your support , please advise any others you feel may be interested in this matter.Sincerely,Susan Cubitt

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