Calgary Rally for Kyoto


There will be a Calgary Rally for Kyoto on March 11th at 12 noon at The Harry Hays Building, Calgary in support of Canada fulfilling its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol to cut greenhouse gases. Speakers at the event include David Swann MLA, Brian Pincott, and George Read. We will have musical performers and a drum circle to follow, so bring your noise makers!Canadians for Kyoto urge everyone to come out with friends and family to show their concern about climate change and to call for Canada to fulfill its international obligations and take positive action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Canadians for Kyoto website is People are encouraged to make their own signs for the Rally. Canadians for Kyoto, organize your own banner making party! If you have materials you are asked to bring them. If anyone would like to volunteer to assist with organizing and publicizing the rally they should go to This page is also where you can find posters for the Rally. Karen Belangerclimatechangecalgary [at] hotmail [dot] com

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