Gassing up the tar sands - The costs of using the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline to Fuel Alberta’s Tar Sands


Film and Panel DiscussionThe Mackenzie River is Canada’s wildest big river flowing through 1800 kilometers of globally important forests and tundra.The Mackenzie is now threatened by Canada’s biggest natural gas pipeline project ever. If it proceeds, the Mackenzie Gas Project will trigger the transformation of the region from largely intact wilderness to industrial landscape. Increasing evidence shows, the gas will likely be used to fuel the further expansion of the tar sands, continuing to escalate the social and environmental costs.Join the Sierra Club of Canada for a film screening of “Ghosts of Futures Past: Tom Berger in the North” and panel discussion, Monday February 26, 6:30pm at the Stanley Milner Library, 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square in downtown Edmonton.Speakers will include Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada Stephen Hazell, ecological economist Mark Anielski, and representatives of Northern First Nations.For more info, contact Meredith [at] sierraclub [dot] ca or call 780.439.1160.