Sustainable Commuting Workshop - Red Deer

<div class="flexinode-body flexinode-1"><div class="flexinode-textfield-2"><div class="form-item"> <label>Location: </label> Red Deer </div> </div><div class="flexinode-textarea-1"><div class="form-item"> <label>Description: </label> <p>Please be our guest at a <em>free</em> workshop that will focus on helping Albertans leave their cars at home. This workshop is sponsored by Transport Canada and presented by Rebecca O&#39;Brien, Rick McFerrin and Kathryn Winkler of the <a href="">Sustainable Alberta Association (SAA)</a>. The Sustainable Alberta Association is offering workshops on creating effective social marketing tools, such as the <a href="">CRIKit (Commuter Resource Information Kit)</a>, that encourage commuters to reduce their drive-alone trips. The CRIKit is a model of social marketing in that it consists of the integrated use of advertising, public relations, promotions, media advocacy, personal selling and entertainment vehicles to facilitate a behavioral shift.</p><p>The workshop will</p><ul><li>Seek to disseminate information on Sustainable Alberta Association (SAA)&#39;s successful Calgary Commuter Challenge event;</li><li>Share lessons-learned and relevant experiences;</li><li>Share social marketing tools, such as the CRIKit, that SAA has developed;</li><li>Based on SAA&#39;s template and the Red Deer/Canmore/Banff contexts, develop an outline for a local resource kit for sustainable commuting.</li></ul><p>The workshops will be taking place on:</p><p><strong>Tuesday, March 6th</strong><br /> 8:30am - 1:00pm<br /> The Crimson Star Room,2nd Floor<br /> Red Deer City Hall, 4814-48 Avenue, Red Deer <br /></p><p><strong>Thursday March 15th</strong><br />8:30am - 1:00pm, <br />The Civic Centre, The Council Chambers, Canmore</p><p>For more information and to register, please go to <a href=""></a> and click on the <a href="">CRIKit link</a>.</p> </div> </div></div>
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