Meeting to Discuss Keeping Alberta Nuclear-Free


Purpose: To form a group to oppose building Candu nuclear reactors in the province and promote the use of alternative, renewable energies instead.When: Saturday, February 10, 2007 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.Where: 2922 10th Street S.W., Calgary, AlbertaBackground: AECL, in partnership with a local energy company, proposes to build two 700 megawatt Candu 6 nuclear reactors in this province. This is the same model of reactor as the Lepreau reactor in New Brunswick that has a dismal track record. Moreover, the enhanced Candu 6 has the option of using spent fuel from light water reactors. Is the plan to import nuclear waste from the States and send back our oil?The concern is not only with the model of reactor being proposed. Albertans need to be made aware of the dismal track record of nuclear reactors in Ontario, with costly pressure tube breaks and other safety issues, as well as exorbitant costs. Then there is the unsolved issue of nuclear waste to consider, the risk of a nuclear accident, and the  transportation of radioactive material through the province.The media have been strongly supporting the plan, and most of the opposition to it has come from Eastern Canada. If we want to keep Alberta nuclear-free, some local opposition has to be organized and made itself heard.If you are interested in helping to keep nuclear power out of Alberta, please attend this meeting.For more details, or to confirm that you are coming to the meeting, please call Elena Schacherl at 403-244-8001 in the evening or on the weekend, or email elenasc [at] shaw [dot] ca

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