Interim oil sands consultation report outlines vision for development

Government of Alberta

Media Release

January 25, 2007

Interim oil sands consultation report outlines vision for development
Further feedback sought from Albertans

Edmonton... Following consultations with the public, a multistakeholder committee (MSC) has developed an interim report, which identifies a vision and principles for the future of oil sands development in Alberta.

The MSC has recommended a vision for oil sands development that:

  • honours the rights of First Nations and Métis;
  • provides a high quality of life;
  • ensures a healthy environment;
  • maximizes value-added in Alberta;
  • builds healthy communities;
  • sees Alberta benefit from the oil economy and lead in the post-oil economy;
  • sees Alberta as a world leader in education, technology and a skilled workforce;
  • provides high quality infrastructure and services for all Albertans; and,
  • demonstrates leadership through world-class governance.

"The committee's efforts reflect the importance of the oil sands to Alberta's future, and tie in directly to government's priorities of managing growth pressures and building a stronger Alberta," said Energy Minister Mel Knight. "On behalf of Environment Minister Rob Renner and Sustainable Resource Development Minister Ted Morton, I would like to thank the committee for their work to date and we look forward to their final report."

In fall 2006, a series of seven public information meetings were held throughout the province to give Albertans an opportunity to add their voice to how the province's oil sands should be developed. Nearly 300 Albertans made submissions during the first phase. In the second phase of the consultation slated to begin in March, the committee will again travel throughout the province to share the findings of the Interim Report and gather feedback from Albertans. The findings from the first and second phases will also be validated with First Nations and Métis.

The multistakeholder committee includes representatives from First Nations, Métis, industry, environmental groups, as well as local, provincial and the federal governments. The final report is scheduled to be submitted to government by June 30, 2007.

A copy of the Multistakeholder Committee Interim Report for Phase I, as well as further information related to this consultation initiative, is available on the consultation website at


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