U of A International Week: The Global Consequences of Arctic Climate Change


Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex E1-003Dr. Mark Nuttall, Department of Anthropology Sponsored by the Canadian Circumpolar Institute.Arctic environments and human populations are experiencing rapid change. Many of these changes are due to both direct and indirect impacts of human actions at a global level. There are wide consequences of the loss of ecological  and cultural diversity and these will be  discussed during the evening’s session.  Dr. Mark Nuttall holds the Henry Marshall Tory Chair of Anthropology. His widespread work in the Arctic, North Atlantic, Greenland and western and northern Canada has focussed on environmental change and resource issues in rural and coastal communities, large-scale industrial development, climate change impacts on Indigenous peoples and their livelihoods and the human dimensions of global environmental and sustainability issues. He was a lead author for the key Arctic Council project, the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment and is a contributing author to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 4th assessment. The recently released Encyclopedia of the Arctic which he edited has received widespread acclaim.For more information, please visit the International Week website.

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