U of A International Week - Water and Human Security: A Thirst for Survival


Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex E1–001 Maude Barlow, Council of Canadians; James E. Carter, Chief Operating Officer, Syncrude Canada Ltd.; Kori Chillibeck, Founder and CEO, Earth Water International; Dr. David Schindler, Department of Biological SciencesSponsored by the University of Alberta Senate.What does the future hold in terms of access to water for people in our communities and across our planet?Join us for an open discussion plus question and answer session with panelists addressing the 2006 Human Development Report and exploring different perspectives:

  • water as a resource to protect
  • water as a resource to manage
  • water as a sacred gift and human right
  • water as a source of conflict

For more information, please visit the International Week website.

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