Action Alert: Have a Green Christmas and write to Ted Morton

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society — Edmonton Chapter

Tips and suggestions for having a green Christmas

Give nature a present too! The Christmas season is full of traditions and joy, unfortunately it can also be full of waste. Here are some simple ways to keep the traditions alive and extend the giving to the environment too.

  • Carry cloth bags when shopping;
  • Use reusable wrapping: Christmas theme tea towels, recycled paper, gift bags, and tin foil;
  • Send e-cards rather than paper cards. If you do send paper cards make sure the paper is recyclable or use them in your crafts;
  • Purchase LED lights for your Christmas tree and house;
  • Do your Christmas baking all at the same time to reduce time spent heating the environment (this will save money too!);
  • Make a charitable <../CPAWS-Donate.htm>donation in someone's name (It's not necessary to donate to CPAWS other organizations are good too!);
  • Purchase a gift someone can use rather than store, like concert tickets;
  • Carpool to Christmas parties and other functions;
  • Decorate an outside tree... or your balcony with critter friendly decorations - bird seed ornaments.

Share your wishes for caribou with our new Minister for Sustainable Resource Development

This morning, our new premier announced his new cabinet ministers. Taking over the portfolio of Sustainable Resource Development is Ted Morton. Now is the time to write a letter expressing your wishes for better habitat protection for Alberta's woodland caribou. By writing a letter to the new Minister you let him know that caribou are important to Albertans', as such, the issue deserves his time and attention.

Some items you might want to include in your letter:

  • caribou populations are in steady decline due to expanding industrial development within the boreal forest;
  • caribou require large areas of undisturbed forest both to avoid predators and to find the old-growth lichens that are vital to their winter diet;
  • ask the Minister to put in place a protected-areas system that helps meet some of the critical habitat requirements for each caribou herd.

Send your letter to Ted Morton at:

Legislature Offices

Legislature Office
723 Legislature Annex
9718 107 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5K 1E4
Phone: (780) 422-2768
Fax: (780) 422-1671
[email protected]