Citizens and Conservationists target US Oil Giant ConocoPhillips

For destruction of Caribou Habitat and Alberta by Industrial Development and Global Warming

A rally will take place at the corporate offices of US oil giant ConocoPhillips in Calgary, Alberta on December 1st @11am to highlight the desperate situation of the Little Smoky Caribou, the demise of Alberta’s caribou habitat from industrial development, and from global warming’s devastating impacts on the boreal forest.

The Little Smoky caribou herd is considered at immediate risk of extinction with less than 100 individuals left thanks to the activities of corporations like ConocoPhillips in caribou habitat. While the Alberta Caribou Committee stalls, petroleum companies such as ConocoPhillips are racing ahead and further degrading their habitat with industrial development. A petition submitted almost a year ago to the Federal government asking for the implementation of the emergency provision of the Species at Risk Act has received no response to date. While the caribou committees are trying to plan for caribou recovery the petroleum industry is forging ahead with development in critical threatened caribou habitat.

Furthermore, in a cynical attempt to convince the public it is protecting caribou, the Government of Alberta has recently killed approximately 100 wolves instead of protecting caribou habitat. Killing wolves as a public relations ploy is a grave injustice to the wolves and does not protect caribou: protecting caribou habitat helps protect caribou.

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Did you know?

The Little Smoky Caribou rely on intact forests in Alberta Foothills Natural Region for their survival. Currently, the foothills are considered endangered as only 1.4% of the entire region is protected. Scientists have identified the last best chances of protecting areas in this region. These forests are the Little Smoky, the Kakwa and the Bighorn.

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This event is the launch of a Christmas Week of Action for Wildlife across the province. To learn more about how you can get involved in the week of action, or to learn more about the international efforts to protect the last remaining intact forests of Alberta's endangered foothills natural region, please visit