Action Alert: Get Ready! Andy Russell-I'tai sah kòp Park nears finish line

Be ready for your cue to send letters to Alberta's new Premier. Saturday, Nov. 25th (Dec. 2nd, if a second ballet is needed) is the Progressive Conservative Party's vote on their new leader, and hence Alberta's new premier. The following Monday, we'll issue an action alert urging you to write a letter to the new premier encouraging him to work with his Ministers David Coutts and Denis Ducharme to finish the job of establishing the Andy Russell-I'tai sah kòp Park for the 1,040 sq. km. (400 sq. mi.) Castle wilderness, which is located on the north side of Waterton Lakes National Park on the headwaters of the Castle River.


Although the Alberta Government has been in the expected doldrums between outgoing Premier Ralph Klein and a new premier, the proposed park has been inching forward. After informal discussions with some of his constituents during the summer, Sustainable Resource Development Minister, David Coutts has just been reported by the Prairie Post as having referred the park proposal onto the Minister responsible for parks, Denis Ducharme. Coutts is also the local MLA and as Minister is currently responsible for the public lands of the proposed park.

This comes on the heels of a very productive meeting of proponents for the park with Ducharme and a representative of Coutts' department. Both Ministers also toured the proposed park by air this past summer.

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