Balancing the Ecological Budget: Marrying Conservation and Economic Development

High River

Preston ManningPresident and CEOManning Centre for Building DemocracyHighwood Memorial Centre128 5th Avenue WestHigh River , ABFor information: Andrew Stec (403) 213-3138 In this address, Mr. Manning will endeavour to answer the question: Is it possible in Alberta to marry a genuine commitment to environmental conservation with the province's market-based approach to economic development, especially in the energy sector? He will draw attention to the critical environmental issues facing the province, and the steps which must be taken to devise and implement market-compatible solutions to those problems. He will investigate the application of these solutions to such problems as Alberta's impending water shortages, the future of the eastern slopes and the boreal forests, the best way to energize oil sand extraction processes, and the issue of province-wide land-use planning. He will invite questions and comments from the audience and address the question asked by an increasing number of Albertans who value both environmental conservation and economic development: Where do we go from here?

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