Action Alert: Government Inaction on Climate Change, Dominate the Letters Pages

Climate Action Network/Réseau Action Climat Canada

We had a pretty good day yesterday in our efforts to explain the real goal of the Harper government but they definitely did well too with all kinds of headlines about getting tough on polluters. This was their only goal headlines to create the impression of action.

We need a second wave of comment across the country today. We absolutely must dominate the letters pages of newspapers everywhere. Why must present the clear message that there is a con going on and future generations are the victims.

So as I've urged so many times get out your pens today and write to the paper of your choice but write. Stress there was nothing in the announcement, a clean air act is a delaying tactic and intensity targets ensure rising smog and ghg emissions.

Just to make it a little more interesting. Copy your letters to [email protected] and we will post them on the website and award prizes for volume and quality.

"Dear Editor,

The harper government is attempting to pull a ............"

John Bennett
Executive Director,
Climate Action Network/Réseau Action Climat Canada