Educational Video Premiere: "My Life as a Tire"

Slave Lake

Regional Environmental Action Committee and “My Life” Video Productions Present:The Video Premiere Release Event for"My Life as a Tire"educational video productionWhat natural resources would say about how they became a product. "My Life as a Tire" is the second video in the "My Life" Video Series to promote recycling and environmental stewardship. The series complements the Alberta Grade IV Curriculum Unit, "Waste and Our World" and will be distributed with a teachers’ guide by Ciné Fête (Montréal). While managing mountains of waste as a Landfill Manager, Jule Asterisk wrote and directed this video to provide youth with motivation for waste reduction. She worked with Toyo Tire, Dofasco Steel, Columbian Chemicals, the National Film Board of Malaysia and Canetic Energy Services to obtain footage of how resources are extracted and produced into tires, with theAlberta Legislative Library and Alberta Recycling Management Authority to determine the history of tire recycling in Alberta and with Rubber Tech International to document post-consumer recycled tire products. With cinematography by Richard Gustavsen, soundtrack by Chris Wynters (Captain Tractor), animation by Ethereal 3D and an introduction by Premier Ralph Klein, this video speaks to the international aspect of a product that is better off recycled than wasted.Funding for this video production was provided by the Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund, Community Initiatives Program, Northern Coordinated Action for Recycling Enterprises, Alberta Recycling Management Authority, Town of Slave Lake and the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River.Sawridge Hotel, Slave Lake, AlbertaSaturday October 28, 2006, 7:00 p.m.More information: 780-805-3403

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