Energy Utility Board fails to revise Guide 60 in a timely manner

Prairie Acid Rain Coalition

September 24, 2006

The Energy Utilities Board (EUB) has failed to revise their Flaring Guide 60 in a timely manner.

In September 2004, CASA — the Clean Air Strategic Alliance — approved recommendations to further reduce flaring and venting in Alberta. The EUB was a member of the Project Team that made the recommendations to CASA. The EUB agreed to the timelines set out in the recommendations.

The revised Guide 60 was supposed to come into effect on January 1, 2006.

“The EUB approves most major projects within 90 days of completing hearings but does not have the same level of commitment to timely revision of a guideline which will reduce pollution”, said Martha Kostuch, well known environmental activist. “I am very disappointed in the EUB.”

Martha Kostuch who is a member of the Flaring and Venting Project Team has been very supportive in the past of government and industry’s efforts to reduce flaring and venting.

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For more information, contact Martha Kostuch – 403-845-9720.

To get a copy of Flaring and Venting Project Team Report and Recommendations for the Upstream Petroleum Industry, September 2004, go to