Oil Sands Consultations in Edmonton

Sierra Club of Canada — Prairie Chapter

The provincial government is currently conducting public consultations to determine how the people of Alberta want the oil sands to be developed. These consultations are to the multi-stakeholder panel/committee which consists of representatives from industry, government, indigenous peoples, Metis, and environmental non-governmental organizations. They will be held in 7 locations across Alberta (find out when they will be in your community).

It is critical that an alternative to the current rate, scale and impact of oil sands developments be presented. Alberta was built on innovation, we can find a way to transition to a sustainable society that does not destroy huge tracts of land, pollute our air and water, and take advantage of marginalized communities.

The Sierra Club of Canada — Prairie Chapter has produced a "Tar Sands Action Guide". The Guide provides information on the history of oil sands production in Alberta, how to present at the hearings and make written submissions, as well as other suggestion for how to raise awareness about the environmental, social, economic and cultural impacts of the tar sands.

The Guide can be downloaded at the Sierra Club's Tar Sands webpage.

The consultations will be in Edmonton on September 25 and 26 at the Holiday Inn Express Downtown (10010 104th Street).

In addition to all the individuals and groups who will be making formal presentations (this could be you!!!), there will also be a "Welcoming Committee" outside the consultations in Edmonton to welcome consultation participants and thank them for spending the time to make Alberta’s future sustainable. The goal is to create a festive atmosphere that is a celebration of the alternatives to tar sands development. (If you are not in Edmonton, consider starting a Welcoming Committee in your community, its easy!)

The brainstormed list of what’s required for the welcome party looks something like this:

  • A group of people filled with creativity, energy, and commitment to a sustainable future for your community, and our province.
  • Banners and signs to convey your message of hope and sustainability
  • Props to create a festive atmosphere — Costumes, noisemakers, streamers, songs, dances, games — be creative!
We can entertain passersby with songs, cheers, games, etc. and have a party to celebrate the alternatives to oil sands development and sustainable choices.

If you would like to take part in the Welcome Party, or any other part of the consultation, please come to either of the events below!

Planning Meeting:
When: September 21 @ 6:30 pm
Where: Earth’s General Store (10832 Whyte Avenue) backroom
What: Plan the party for Sept 25th, make banners and signs, eat pizza?.

The Party:
When: Sept 25th, time to be decided
Where: Holiday Inn Express, 10010 104 Street

More info:

Hope to see everyone soon,