Big Bad Corporations on Campus: The Link between toilet paper on campus and Alberta’s Endangered Foothills Forests


Alberta Foothills NetworkEnvironmental Direct Action NetworkThe official Give your Bum a Voice! University of Alberta - Kimberly Clark Campaign is about to commence! Please join us for the presentation outlined below to learn more.If you are unable to make the presentation but are interested in any of the following, please email Rebecca at savethefoothills [at] gmail [dot] com for info on how you can join this exciting campaign.This new campaign will offer:

  • Fun, creative and exciting actions, events and meetings;
  • Experience, training and mentoring for all levels of activists and organizers from experts in Alberta and beyond;
  • Learn more about the link between consumption (on campus and in your home) in Alberta and the loss of our foothill forests;
  • An original Market Action Campaign: one of the first of its kind in the province;
  • Working cooperatively with the environmental communities of the University, Edmonton, Canada and the USA;
  • Opportunities for you to make a difference for forests, wildlife and water in our province.

When: Wed Sept 13, 2pm Where: Humanities L1-2, U of A CampusThanks to APIRG for putting on the DISORGANIZE: The Alternative Week of Welcome at the U of A. Please visit to learn more about exciting events, presentations and music performers for the entire week!Title of workshop: Big Bad Corporations on Campus – The Link between the University's toilet paper and Alberta’s Endangered Foothills ForestsBrief description of workshop goals/focus:Did you know that the toilet paper and paper towels that you use on campus are contributing to the loss of Alberta’s Endangered Foothill forests? Considered Endangered because only 1.4% is protected, the foothills are home to threatened species such as Woodland Caribou and Grizzly Bear. The link to this region and your toilet paper is the corporation Kimberly Clark. Together with local environmental groups, Greenpeace is helping to raise awareness of the truth your toilet paper through their Kleercut Campaign. Come out and learn about this campaign, how Alberta and your University ties in and how you can get involved. Brief bio of presenter:Rebecca Reeves is currently the outreach coordinator for the Alberta Foothills Network – an international coalition committed to the protection of the last remaining forests of Alberta’s Endangered Foothills. She is also a graduate of the University of Alberta and helped to create ECOS (the Environmental Coordination Office of Students) and the CJSR show Terra Informa. Rebecca Reeves Outreach CoordinatorAlberta Foothills Network PO Box 52031 Edmonton, AB T6G 2T5Phone: (780) 913-9375