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Democratizing our Prairie Waters

New coalition asks public, in a series of 10 regional forums, what they expect from governments to protect prairie waters

September 27, 2007 

Lethbridge – This week a new coalition of environmental groups is seeking to hear citizens' expectations for water management by hosting 10 public forums across the Prairie Provinces.

Made up of the Sierra Club of Canada — Prairie Chapter, Manitoba EcoNetwork, Saskatchewan Environmental Society, and Bow Riverkeeper, the Prairie Water Coalition came together under recognition that an expansive river network that provides water to communities, farms, industries and ecosystems connects the Prairie Provinces. The groups point to the need for more cross-border collaboration and cooperation to protect the regions vital waters. Read more about Democratizing our Prairie Waters


2008 Toyota Earth Day Scholarship Program

Do you know an emerging environmental leader?

All across Canada, from St. John's to Tofino, high school students are stepping forward to help the environment. Through their committed involvement in volunteer and extracurricular activities they are having a positive impact on both their local communities and our country as a whole. Toyota Canada Inc. and Earth Day Canada take pride in acknowledging the valuable work of these students and rewarding their efforts as they move on to post-secondary studies.

The Toyota Earth Day Scholarship Program is once again offering 15 scholarships of $5000 each to high school students who are entering their first year of college or university. One exceptional student, chosen from the 15 regional scholarship winners, will also be presented with the Toyota Earth Day Scholarship National Award and a Panasonic notebook computer at the National Award Ceremony. Read more about 2008 Toyota Earth Day Scholarship Program


Action Alert: Organizing Opposition to Bill 46, the Alberta Utilities Commission Act

From: Jeannette Bolli

I'm working with the Alberta Environmental Network, helping to coordinate opposition to Bill 46: Alberta Utilities Commission Act, and to oppose any infringements on citizens' rights, by the proposed revamping of the Alberta Energy Utilities Board.

  • If you’ve started organizing something to oppose the bill, I want to hear from you ASAP. Call Jeannette Bolli at 1-780-468-2204
  • If you’ve read the bill and have an opinion/expertise to offer, register with me as a speaker/organizer, at [email protected], re: bill 46
  • If you need help organizing an informational meeting in your area, including funding, e-mail me at [email protected] re: bill46
  • If you don’t like what the AEUB have been doing so far, or are a land/residence owner or an ordinary Albertan, please go to in October and read about our informational meetings. These meetings will inform you how to change legislation in a once in a decades opportunity.
Read more about Action Alert: Organizing Opposition to Bill 46, the Alberta Utilities Commission Act>

Canadian Environmental Network E-Bulletin - September 21, 2007

To view this week's Edition, please click on the following link:

The RCEN is currently working on a new and improved look and format for the E-Bulletin, which will be launched in mid-October! Until then, we hope you enjoy the E-Bulletin and forward it to anyone who might be interested. Read more about Canadian Environmental Network E-Bulletin - September 21, 2007


Urgent Action Alert: Canada's Illegal Climate Plan

From: Mark Sandilands

The Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act legally requires the government to produce a plan that meets Canada's greenhouse gas emissions targets. Prime Minister Harper hasn't even tried. The federal courts can force the government to comply with the law, but crucial and legally admissible public consultation process ends tomorrow, September 20th, and almost no comments have been received!

Avaaz members are stepping in at the last hour to create a massive public outcry, by faxing open letters to Environment Canada who will have to submit them in court. If there are no comments, the government will claim in court that the public supports its illegal position. We have just 24 hours to make our voice heard - Please sign the letter at the link, below: Read more about Urgent Action Alert: Canada's Illegal Climate Plan


Stelmach Asked For Public Inquiry Into EUB Spying

(Edmonton/Calgary/Ottawa) The Sierra Club of Canada today called for a public inquiry into the extent of covert operations against citizens by the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB), and issued a list of unanswered questions that an inquiry should address. On this opening day of EUB hearings in Pincher Creek on Royal Dutch Shell's Mount Backus well application, Sierra Club believes that confidence in the EUB and the Energy Department won’t be restored until a full public inquiry is completed. Read more about Stelmach Asked For Public Inquiry Into EUB Spying


Environmental Law Centre's Comments on Bill 1: The Lobbyists Act

The Environmental Law Centre's (ELC) mission is to ensure that laws, policies, and legal processes protect the environment. In pursuit of this mission the ELC regularly provides comments and recommendations to government and administrative bodies in relation to law and policy development. These comments can be found on the ELC website at

Most AEN members have probably already received e-mails regarding Bill 1, the Lobbyists Act, and seen the concerns expressed about the possible effects on voluntary and non-profit organizations. The ELC has made a submission to the Government Services Committee regarding the particular effects that Bill 1 will likely have on environmental organizations (which will be significant) - the submission can be viewed by following the link below: Read more about Environmental Law Centre's Comments on Bill 1: The Lobbyists Act


Marie Lake Decision Brings Hope for McClelland Lake Fen

Alberta Wilderness Association

Release Date: September 6, 2007

Premier Stelmach's decision to halt seismic testing on Marie Lake indicates a shift in government priorities that may bode well for other lakes and wetlands on the brink of destruction. One such area is the spectacular McClelland Lake Wetland Complex north of Fort McMurray. Read more about Marie Lake Decision Brings Hope for McClelland Lake Fen