Wildlands Advocate, June 2018

The Alberta Wilderness Association has posted the June 2018 issue of Wildlands Advocate (Volume 26, Number 2) to their website. Visit the site to download a PDF, purchase a subscription, or read the articles online.



  • A Wilderness Adventure with My Grandkid
  • The Hungry Bend Sandhills
  • Linking Nature and Persons with a Disability: Introducing Coyote Lake Lodge
  • Trails, Sediment, and Aquatic Habitat: McLean Creek
  • Protecting & Recovering Wildlife in Canada
  • Comparing Mining Liability Programs: Lessons for Alberta?
  • The Public Lands Trifecta: Important Progress Made
  • Where the Wild Things Are: harnessing the power of citizen scientists
  • Louise Guy Poetry Corner


  • The 2018 Climb for Wilderness
  • Introducing AWA’s Two New Conservation Specialists
  • Moments that Matter: Wendy Ryan’s life of defending the Castle Wilderness