17+ Online Resources for Learning About the Environment from Home for Kids of All Ages

As the physical and social distancing measures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic seem likely to stay in force for the near future, we asked our members and colleagues for their suggestions of online environmental learning resources to help kids of all ages learn about the environment during this time of limited activities. Here are their suggestions, and some of our own.

Teach & Learn at Home

Go Back to School

Hit the Festival Circuit

Enter the Simulation: Design the Future

Check out these interactive simulation tools to see the impact of the choices, decisions, and policies we make on our landscape and climate.

  • Alberta Tomorrow | The Alberta Tomorrow Foundation
    "The Alberta Tomorrow simulator is an educational tool that helps you to understand the process of sustainable planning to balance land-uses such as agriculture, oil and gas and forestry with ecological integrity. By looking at past and present landscape imagery, you will be able to see changes that have taken place in the past. You can also collect, geotag and save water sampling data, images, video and other observations. Now set some goals and design a future for Alberta that you want to see!"
  • Design Our Climate | The King's Centre for Visualization in Science
    "The Design Our Climate simulation (DOCs) engages you in an interactive exploration of how much of a difference we can make through informed choices about electricity, transportation, land use, buildings, and materials. Find out what combination of achievable steps we can collectively take to meet the Paris Conference target of keeping the increase in global average surface temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius since the Industrial Revolution."
  • Energy Policy Simulator | Energy Innovation | Pembina Institute
    "Designing energy policy correctly is tough work. Well-designed energy policies reduce pollution, cut consumer costs, and minimize dependence on foreign energy supplies. Done wrong, they can do the reverse, and increase pollution, lock in carbon-intensive technologies, or waste money. Which energy policies can lower greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, and what will it cost? Discover the effects of various energy policies, build your favorite policy package, and share it with friends using the Energy Policy Simulator."