Application (Organizations)

Organization Information

Membership into the AEN is open to Alberta-based non-profit or non-governmental organizations that demonstrate a sincere concern and action toward a healthier environment, and share or support the objects and purpose of the Network.

The common or preferred name of the organization.
Logo should be at least 300 pixels wide.
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Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
The organization's annual budget (or the portion of the budget dedicated to environmental programs), This information will be used to assess the organization's annual membership fees.
Contact Information
Organizational contact information of AEN Member Groups may be made available to the public via an online directory and referrals.
Mailing Address
Office Address
Contact People
Personal information collected by the AEN is for internal AEN communications, database, and directory purposes, and will not be disclosed outside of the AEN without consent.
Primary Contact
Alternate Contact
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Mission, Issues & Activities
Please provide a brief description of the mission, goals & purpose of your organization.
Please indicate which issue areas your organizations takes an active interest in.
Please specify any other issue areas your organization takes an active interest in.
Please indicate which types of activities your organization undertakes.
Read a brief description of each of these activities.
Please specify any other activities your organization undertakes.
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