Join the AEN

Membership in the AEN is open to Alberta-based non-profit, non-governmental organizations and individuals demonstrating sincere concern and action toward a healthier environment.

Organizations and individuals applying to the AEN for membership must indicate that their primary objects and activities are consistent with the objects and purpose of the AEN.

The objects of the AEN, include:

(a) to encourage and support networking, communication, and resource sharing amongst non-governmental environmental organizations, including those concerned with:

  • The preservation of wilderness
  • The maintenance of environmental quality and the prevention of pollution
  • The development of environmentally appropriate technologies or practices
  • The formal and informal education of Albertans on these matters

(b) to facilitate common action and/or joint initiatives by some or all of its member groups.

To join the AEN, download and complete the appropriate application form (see attachments below), and return it to the AEN office:

PO BOX 4541

E-mail: [email protected]

Upon approval as per the AEN's bylaws, your organization will be invoiced for the appropriate membership fee.


  1. The fillable forms work best when using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Reader, it can be downloaded from the Adobe website.
  2. A physical signature is not required—electronic signatures are valid and sufficient. Adobe's website has instructions on how to sign a PDF form using Adobe Acrobat Reader.