Wednesday James Cameron has his chance to speak to Government, Today, public in Edmonton has theirs: LAR Public Consultations

GoA invites public input on future of Lower Athabasca

Edmonton, AB:  Today, Tuesday, September 28, the Government of Alberta is holding, as part of the month long public consultation process throughout Alberta, a Public Consultation in Edmonton to and inviting citizens to express their views on the recommendations for the new Lower Athabasca Regional Plan.  CPAWS will be there, with a lot to say. (Link to recommendations:

"James Cameron will have the ear of Premier Stelmach on Wednesday.  This is the public's chance to tell government what they want for the future of the Lower Athabasca Region." explains Katherine Thompson CPAWS Northern Alberta Executive Director.

The Lower Athabasca Region is home to Alberta's oil sands -- making it the most immediately threatened landscape in Canada. It also contains some of Alberta's most pristine wilderness, harbours threatened woodland caribou and is home to Aboriginal communities.CPAWS’s position is that Alberta should protect more than half of the Lower Athabasca Region from industry, for wildlife and traditional uses.  The recommendation to government for the new Lower Athabasca Regional Plan proposes to protect only 20-32% of the area from industry. Based on conservation science, CPAWS believes this will not be enough to safeguard the area’s ecosystems or protect threatened species, such as woodland caribou. The plan also puts these "protected" areas at risk by allowing companies that already have a lease on the "protected" land, to continue their activities.

"The eyes of the world are on Alberta and our development of the oil sands" states Helene Walsh, CPAWS Northern Alberta Boreal Campaign Director.  She continues: "The land-use planning for this area is our opportunity to show that Alberta is sincere about our commitment to improve our environmental record.  The government could protect habitat for caribou right now.  This is the kind of action from government the world is looking for". CPAWS Northern Alberta believes this plan should include:

  • Protection of at least half of the region from industrial use
  • Protected areas that are permanently protected by law
  • Protected areas that are large,connected, and ecologically diverse
  • No new industrial projects until the plan is finalized
  • Areas that meet the needs of threatened woodland caribou
  • Firm limits on air and water contamination

The government is touring Alberta to obtain citizen feedback.  Their schedule of public consultations can be found here .  Their deadline for feedback is October 8, 2010.  The public can send letters to the government here: .  For more information please contact: Katherine Thompson, Executive Director, CPAWS Northern Alberta, T: 780-432-0967 | E: [email protected]

Public Consultation Details:

When? September 28, 4-8 PM
Where? Ramada Hotel - 11834 Kingsway Ave, Edmonton.  

Links to more information: