New Edinborough Park Parties In Support of Calgary Pesticide Phase Out

Fourth Annual Party in the Park

Saturday June 13, 5 A St and 3 Ave NW

The fourth annual Party in the Park will take place in Calgary, using music, food and entertainment to celebrate the City's phase out of cosmetic pesticides. New Edinborough Park is now famous across Alberta for being the first Calgary park to go pesticide-free in 1998 and for providing the Calgary impetus to phase out cosmetic pesticides. The bylaw will ban pesticide use on private land by the end of 2010 and the city is to stop using pesticides when the bylaw is approved.

"New Edinborough Park draws Calgarians from across the city who want to relax and be confident that their kids and pets can play in a healthy environment" says Robin McLeod of the Coalition for a Healthy Calgary. "We'll be enjoying the park on June 13 by talking to Calgarians about how to get our yards off chemicals, like over a hundred other Canadian cities have already done."

For well over a year now, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment have been supporting the Calgary phase-out bylaw process. Now they are being joined by the province's nurses. In a letter just sent to Mayor Dave Bronconnier, the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta — representing 32,000 members — says they "would like to see the ban passed by council this fall."

5 A St and 3 Ave NW
When: June 13, 8 am - 5 pm, interviews 11am

Event Agenda

  • Potluck breakfast 8-11
  • Flea market 9-2 from vehicles park on the street and in the park
  • Performances: All Day by: Paul Millar, THe Sadlier-brown band, Rocketaco, Phil Hoffman, Ours to Destroy, The Bownesians, Sunnyside Garageband, Sadlier-Brown & the Sound
  • Dandelion pulling; win your own dandidigger!
  • Street hockey and soccer

Thanks to Bike Root, Coalition for a Healthy Calgary, The Arusha Centre, Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association, Calgary Animated Object Society, The Mighty CJSW, Sunnyside Market and Calgary Dollars.

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Park Party information — Gerald Wheatley, 403-283-7333
Coalition for a Healthy Calgary — Robin McLeod, 403-703-0018