Media Advisory: Alberta petroleum company called on to cease operations in Peru now

Concerned Albertans demands Petrolifera cease operations after Peruvian police massacre Indigenous protesters

Calgary – Socially conscious Albertans are demanding that Calgary-based petroleum company Petrolifera stop operations until the Peruvian government ceases violent police actions against indigenous protestors in Bagua, near the Peruvian Amazon and initiates a meaningful consultation process on development projects as required by international law. More than 60 indigenous protesters and police have been killed this week. Peruvian police officials have been accused by Indigenous leadership, community members, and the international advocacy group Amazon Watch, of hiding bodies and removing wounded from hospitals. The groups organizing the Calgary event believe that this is not a regime with which Canadian companies should be doing business, nor should Canada be ratifying a free trade agreement with Peru that would systemically embed this type of repression. The concerned Albertans charge that Petrolifera, which operates in this region, is profiting off the death and repression
or indigenous people.

WHO: Rainforest Action Network, Council of Canadians and other concerned Calgarians standing in solidarity with Peruvian Indigenous communities.

WHERE: Petrolifera Heaquarters in Centrium Place (Suite 900, 332 - 6 Avenue SW).

WHEN: Friday June 12th – 12:00 p.m.

WHAT: Rally and Die-In in front of the Petrolifera Headquaters.

WHY: Petrolifera is a major Canadian Calgary-based petroleum company which has an agreement with the Peruvian government to explore for oil on land inhabited by the uncontacted Cacataibo tribe, despite calls to turn that land into a reserve. Petrolifera benefits from the Peruvian government’s move to implement a free trade agreement with Canada, which, as it is written, violates indigenous rights, discourage environmental protection, and opens the way for an unprecedented expansion in resource extraction.

VISUALS: Enlarged photos from Peru of indigenous protestors and the police violence.

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For phone interviews please contact:

  • Eriel Deranger, Rainforest Action Network — 587.785.1558
  • Sheila Muxlow, Council of Canadians — 780.233.2528
  • Ben Powless, Indigenous Environmental Network — +51 976 999 157, 613.614.4219 (Currently in Peru)