Defend Alberta Parks

Show your support of Alberta's parks by requesting a lawn sign

The Alberta government is planning to close 20 parks and remove 164 from the Alberta Parks system. A total of 175 parks will lose protection and Albertans could lose access.

7 in 10 Albertans oppose these changes, and tens of thousands of Albertans have already spoken up against the closure or removal of these parks. Any reduction to the Alberta Parks system is a step backwards for conservation, recreation and the protection of wildlife, land and water.

From art sales to town halls, groups across the province are bringing attention to the impacts of these changes and encouraging everyone to tell their MLA that they don’t support changes to parks.

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) Alberta Chapters and the Alberta Environmental Network launched a lawn sign campaign in August 2020.

You can show your support of Alberta’s parks by going to and:

  1. Writing your MLA
  2. Requesting a lawn sign
  3. Volunteering to help deliver lawn signs

Lawn signs are currently available in Calgary. With more volunteers and funds, lawn sign delivery will be expanded to more communities in Alberta.

Visit for more information.

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