Coalition Launches Green Ribbon Campaign

The Coalition for a Nuclear Free Alberta (CNFA), comprised of a number of Alberta grassroots organizations, launched its province-wide Green Ribbon campaign today to try and convince the provincial government that investing in green renewable energy sources is the right choice for meeting our future electricity needs rather than the the costly and risky nuclear option being considered.

"The government has stated it will set policy on nuclear before the end of the fall sitting of the Legislature," says Adele Boucher Rymhs, President of the Coalition. "We are asking Albertans to join us in saying no to nuclear power in this province and call on the government to show some leadership in encouraging investment in renewables." The Coalition backs the recommendation put forward earlier this year by the Pembina Institute to have an Expert Panel study renewable energy.

The slogan for the Green Ribbon campaign is " A truly Green Energy Future ... does not include nuclear power".

The campaign is meant to make Albertans aware of the merits of renewable energy such as wind, solar, geothermal, small hydro and biofuels. The Coalition plans to distribute awareness ribbons and related information across the province in a movement leading to a mass Rally at the Legislature on October 27.

The Coalition does not see nuclear power as a solution to climate change when renewables can be brought on stream faster and more cheaply with far less risk to Albertan's health and the environment.

"The unlikelihood that any nuclear generated electricity will stay in this province means that Albertans will take all the risks, have our fresh water supply depleted and contaminated, bear the expense for costly transmission lines and be left with a long-term radioactive waste problem, while the power is sold into the American market," says Boucher Rymhs.

"Nuclear power is not experiencing the renaissance that was predicted - it is becoming more and more obvious all the time that renewable and sustainable energy is the future for the whole world," Boucher Rymhs added. "Alberta should not get left behind." A March 2009 survey conducted by Ipsos Reid showed that nearly 80% of Albertans support renewables.

The Green Ribbon campaign urges Albertans to speak to their MLA's and let them know that we do not want nuclear power in this province. If the Government chooses to create a healthy energy policy with investment incentives, green jobs and a competitive economy will follow.

Join us at the Legislature — Edmonton — Tuesday, October 27, 12:30pm

The Coalition for a Nuclear Free Alberta will be organizing transportation from major centres across the province for the planned Rally at the Legislature and encourages Albertans to take part. To purchase a Green Ribbon or to find out more about how to get involved, the public should check out the CFNA website at www. keepalberta



Adele Boucher Rymhs, President, CNFA — (780) 332-2554 [email protected]

Mandy Melnyk, Chair, CNFA Media Committee - (780) 650-2047 [email protected]