Alberta misses opportunity to attract investment, create new jobs

Pembina Institute reacts to 2019 Alberta budget

CALGARY — Duncan Kenyon, Regional Director at the Pembina Institute, made the following statement in response to 2019 Alberta Budget:

“It is unfortunate to see the government miss an opportunity to position Alberta as a competitive energy leader in a changing world economy. This budget does not reflect a strategy for a growing and diversified economy that attracts jobs and investment in new sectors for the province. 

“Advances in technology, changing economics and action on climate are creating a global shift toward cheaper and cleaner energy sources. In order to deliver on its commitment to create jobs and grow the economy, the government needs to invest in economic diversification and send long-term signals that will attract investment in new sectors, not just oil and gas. 

“While it is encouraging to see the government increase funding for orphan well abandonment, and maintain funding for technology and innovation, what’s missing is a deliberate effort to invest in the new economy. Funding cuts to energy efficiency programs, Indigenous climate action and clean energy programs reflect a lack of commitment to diversify Alberta's economy.

“Additionally, for our oil and gas industry to remain competitive, profound shifts in the industry are urgently needed. Alberta’s government is betting on technology and innovation alone to reduce emissions from industry, but is not offering compelling market signals, such as the kind a strong carbon pricing system would provide.”


Michelle Bartleman (English / français) 
Communications Lead, Alberta

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