Volunteer Opportunity: Deep Canvasser, Alberta Talks

Deep Canvasser

We need YOU to help make this provincial election a climate election!

With Alberta Talks, a new non-partisan campaign of the Alberta Environmental Network, we spark meaningful conversations with Albertans about challenging subjects like affordability, fairness, and climate action. 

CEOs of the big oil and gas companies are making $10-20 million a year, while they lay off workers, get tax and royalty breaks and leave Albertans to pay to clean up their oil wells. Many Albertans feel conflicted about our oil and gas economy in the face of climate change impacts like wildfires and flooding, while struggling with the rising cost of living and neglected government services. We hold space for people to work through that conflict by using a transformational tactic of Deep Canvassing. 

With your help, we can have hundreds of conversations and decrease division in our community in advance of the Provincial Election Day and beyond.

No prior experience required!

You will develop skills in storytelling, compassionate curiosity, active listening, gentle assertiveness, communication, conflict management, and others.

We offer hands-on Deep Canvassing training and FUN door knocking experience in North-West Calgary - join us and feel the magic for yourself!

Not in Calgary?
We have other exciting opportunities to help us bring this campaign to the next level.

If you want to join other Albertans to make sure our tax dollars go to education, healthcare and retraining workers into clean energy jobs, instead of wealthy CEOs and their oil and gas companies, SIGN UP right now and the Alberta Talks team will get in touch with you right away!