Volunteer Opportunity: Board of Directors, Hands On Growing

Board of Directors
Application Deadline: 
Friday, July 31, 2020

Hands-on Growing (HOG) is an emerging non-profit with the vision to teach people how to grow food so they can teach each other. It is HOG’s mission to create better places to live by educating young people in the art of growing food with regenerative methods. We help manage indoor and outdoor garden spaces throughout Calgary by capitalizing on the help of student volunteers. These become important places to invite knowledge from older generations and diverse communities so that together we can enrich life around us for years to come. As Hands-on Growing is expanding, we have set out to form our Board of Directors to help take root in our community, extend our reach and strengthen our capacity.

Hands-on Growing Board Overview

Term: minimum 1 year; renewable
Composition: 3 - 7 executive officers
Executive Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, fundraiser, Members at Large

Board Meetings are chaired by the President, or VP in case of the President's absence.

Collective Board Skills Required

Finance, fundraising, operations management, business skills, non-profit/charity governance, organizational development, legal, knowledge of organic gardening, hydroponics, permaculture, kids’ education, marketing, communications, member/stakeholder engagement, human resource management.


We particularly encourage candidates from Calgary although candidates from anywhere in Alberta or Canada are welcome to apply. Forging relationships through diversity is part of HOG mandate and as such applicants from diverse ethnicities, ages, genders, and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Time Commitment

Board Meetings will be 2 - 3 hours every month in person or via teleconferencing. The exact timing will be determined based on the availability of the board members. In addition to attending the monthly board meetings, the Board Directors are asked to allocate an average of 10 - 20 hours per month on HOG work; see attached for the board Responsibilities.

Full description and application instructions