Job Opportunity: Outreach Coordinator, Youth Climate Corps , Anywhere in Canada, Part-time

Outreach Coordinator
Application Deadline: 
Thursday, May 5, 2022
Anywhere in Canada
Youth Climate Corps is an expanding organization that focuses on working with communities to provide youth with meaningful and dignified work in climate action projects. The Outreach Coordinator will identify potential partnerships and affiliations with existing organizations to enhance the expansion of Youth Climate Corps nationally. The Outreach Coordinator will grow and maintain a strong network among aligned organizations and communities and work with a team to design and fundraise climate action projects with community partners. The Outreach Coordinator will collaborate with the communication & marketing team to create the necessary tools and campaign to reach the different leads identified and maintain the existing relationships. The Outreach Coordinator will focus on developing policy and program that meets the needs of communities and youth participants. It is beneficial for the Outreach Coordinator to understand climate science, the effects of climate change on communities, and an understanding of systems of oppression and social inequalities. Experience working with NGOs, and Indigenous groups is an asset.