Job Opportunity: Calgary Climate Change Network Coordinator, The Arusha Centre , Calgary,

Calgary Climate Change Network Coordinator

Term start: When a suitable candidate has been found
Term end: Dec 31, 2024
Hour of Work: Weekday, some evenings and weekends required.
Compensation: as per Arusha staff agreement (approx gross $34) hrs/wk, Gross HR including employer costs: $17,500. Hours and schedule to be confirmed by Finance Administrator
Application process: resumes and cover letters to be sent to [email protected]

Organisational Description

The Arusha Centre is a collectively run, member supported, non-profit organisation dedicated to facilitating understanding of, and action on, local and global social justice and environmental issues.
The Arusha Centre uses the following definition of equity/diversity to guide our hiring and our work:
Age, ethnicity, class, gender, physical qualities, race, sexual orientation, religious status, education, geography, household income, marital status, parental status, work experience, ecological agency, supporters (care givers), citizenship status, language, criminalization/justice system/legal history, mobility/accessibility.


This project will promote, network, fund and create collaborations for the growing network of climate change agencies and programs in the Calgary area.

Agency Responsibilities

Maintain agency responsibilities along with those of the Arusha Centre staff collective.

Duties and Outcomes

  • Manage funder relationships and reporting and Arusha Centre staff, finance and reporting requirements. Includes integration of Trottier Foundation’s past work, including here.
  • Develop a consensus on an terms of reference for Calgary climate change programs and organisations to participate referencing resources such as the Calgary Climate Implementation Plan including outcomes to be measured.
  • Identify collaborators and change agents in the City of Calgary, civil society, corporate, business,and institutions and a structure of advisory committee, participants and associates based on Calgary experience and best practices.
  • Create a strategic vision and communications/promotions plan which integrates collaborator plans and equity measures as a shared vision for Calgary climate change success.
  • Develop and implement a sustainable funding model including roles for varied types of funding, revenues, and efficiencies such as no-cost labour opportunities.
  • Submit 4 grant applications for future funding of this position.
  • Attend and host agency, community group, government and institutional climate-related meetings and events.
  • Disseminate and produce program and events information for newsletters/websites/blogs created by collaborators.
  • Confirm 15 participant groups with a shared vision including criteria for participation, programming, benefits, and obligations