Call for Nominations: Treasurer and/or Fundraising Officer, Sierra Club Prairie Chapter

Treasurer and/or Fundraising Officer
anywhere in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut

From the post:

About the Organization

Sierra Club Canada Foundation empowers citizens to protect, preserve and enjoy safe and healthy ecosystems. Members actively contribute to environmental causes that engage or inspire them, in a capacity that best suits their capabilities. The Prairie Chapter includes Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. We largely focus on conservation (urban and peri-urban natural areas), water policy, soil conservation, and environmental education (Wild Child).

About the Position

We are looking for candidates to fill the Treasurer and/or Fundraising position for our Executive Committee (Ex Com). The Ex Com is a group of dedicated members who support the grassroots work of the Chapter. They advise on developing initiatives that address environmental needs in the Prairies. The responsibilities for the Treasurer and/or Fundraising Officer are:

  • Ensure development and implementation of fundraising plan for the Chapter
  • Provide regular updates on fundraising progress to Ex Com
  • Help draft project budgets for grant proposals (ongoing)
  • Assist in preparing budget (September)
  • Contribute financial information to annual report (June)
  • Overseeing quarterly financial reports to ensure they are sent to Ex Com and National Board
  • Meetings with staff and bookkeeper to discuss finances

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