Native Trout Communications Survey

Native Trout Communications Survey
27 May 2020

The Native Trout Collaborative Communications project is a joint project aiming to increase awareness of recovery, habitat, and threats to native trout in Alberta. Multiple organizations in Alberta are collaborating in this joint effort including Cows and Fish, Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Conservation Association, Canadian Park and Wilderness Society Southern Alberta Chapter, Trout Unlimited Canada, and Foothills Research Institute. CRFT New Media has been asked by this group to support the development of a community-wide communication and engagement strategy to increase knowledge and support conservation of native trout. The data from this survey will be used to inform the communication work to benefit native trout and their habitats.

No names or personal identifying information will be asked in the survey. With the survey, we are looking to reach people from many locations, interests and perspectives. We would love to have your help ensuring we have people from agriculture, recreation, the general public, anglers, and everyone else. We would also like those already knowledgeable and involved, as well as, those who are not familiar with the topic.

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