Connect with the Coal Policy Committee

Coal Policy Commiittee

From the Coal Policy Committee's engagement website.

As a first step, the Coal Policy Committee has reviewed the feedback from the initial Government of Alberta survey. The survey allowed the committee to take into consideration public concerns about coal development in Alberta and to further develop our plan to engage with Albertans.

Following these developments and due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, the committee proposes to engage with Albertans virtually, as a first step in our process. There are currently two ways to connect with the committee.

  • If you wish to share your thoughts on coal policy with the committee, you can email the committee at [email protected](External link).
  • If you have a paper or document on a topic relevant to Alberta’s coal policy, please submit it here. Please note these documents may be posted publicly.

The committee also intends to gather advice and input from Indigenous communities, technical experts and industry regarding Alberta’s coal policy through:

  • Roundtable discussions
  • Submission of written briefs and presentations from subject matter experts on topics related to coal development such as:
    • Understanding current mining technology
    • Environmental and social effects of mining projects
    • Economic impacts of coal development

Our engagement process will be responsive to feedback and we hope to design additional opportunities to connect with the committee. These opportunities will be added as needed as we progress with our work.