Call for Comments: Developing a Strategic Assessment of Climate Change

Discussion Paper Cover
Strategic Assessment of Climate Change
31 Aug 2018

From: The Government of Canada

"The Government of Canada is committed to putting in place better rules for projects that protect the environment, respect Indigenous rights, and strengthen our economy.

As part of this commitment, Environment and Climate Change Canada published a discussion paper to help develop a draft Strategic Assessment of Climate Change.

We are interested in your views on this discussion paper and welcome your comments until August 31, 2018

The Strategic Assessment of Climate Change will help guide proponents, decision-makers and stakeholders on how environmental laws, policies and regulations associated with greenhouse gas reduction and our climate change commitments should be considered as part of the project impact assessment process.

Your input on the discussion paper will help in the design of the strategic assessment report.

To learn how we will protect your privacy during this consultation, read our privacy statement.

Thank you for your interest and participation in this process."