Pan-Canadian Biodiversity Best Practices/Case Studies Contest — Deadline extended

September 15, 2009

Environment Canada has extended the deadline to send your submissions until September 15, 2009!

In advance of the International Year of Biodiversity in 2010, the Canadian Environmental Network launched a Best Practices/Case Studies Contest to gather innovative and effective examples of environmental non-governmental organizations’ (ENGOs) work related to the conservation, sustainable use, and awareness of biodiversity.

The “winning” case studies and best practices will be featured in a 20-page handbook that will be posted on the RCEN website and distributed to Environment Canada and the Secretariat of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. Our aim is to include one best practice/case study from each province and territory. If your best practice or case study is selected, you will receive $200 to write a 1-2 page summary to be included in the handbook.

How to apply

Please submit a maximum ½ page (200 words) abstract describing the best practice or case study including:

  1. Name of organization
  2. Contact person and coordinates
  3. Description of biodiversity best practice/case study (when, where, who was involved, what is really special about it, and anything else you want to include)

As a tool to map ENGO work on biodiversity in Canada, the RCEN would like to post all abstracts on the RCEN website. Please also indicate in your submission whether you authorize the RCEN to post your abstract.

Selection Criteria

  • Canadian ENGO (can be in partnership with other stakeholders)
  • Geographic parity (ideally one project from each province and territory)
  • Diversity of group types (national, provincial, community-level)
  • Diversity of biodiversity themes (including, but not limited to agricultural, marine, forest and urban biodiversity, SARA…)
  • Currently active projects, or those completed within the last two years
  • Projects involving major groups (Indigenous groups, women, children & youth, universities, private sector, municipalities…)

Send your submission by email to [email protected]. The contest ends September 15, 2009.

Selected submissions will be announced September 18, 2009.** Once selected, groups will have until September 28 to submit their final best practice/case study summary to be included in the handbook.

Please note that only the groups who submitted a “winning” best practice/case study will be contacted.

For more information please contact Sarah Heiberg, RCEN National Caucus Coordinator, at [email protected] or at 514-833-9810.