Grants in Gear

May 6, 2016

Environmental Projects to be awarded up to $100,000 through Grants in Gear Program

The Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) has partnered with Scout Environmental (formerly Summerhill Impact)  to offer granting initiative, Grants in Gear, for a third year. The nation-wide program will provide funding worth up to $100,000 to Canadian non-profits, entrepreneurial groups and municipal/regional governmental bodies.

Four grants of up to $25,000 will be awarded to organizations whose ideas best substantiate their projects potential to achieve tangible results in emissions reductions or pollution prevention in the transportation sector and/or excellence in automotive recycling or reuse techniques.

This year, one of the four grants will be offered as an optional legacy grant, which will allow previous winners to apply for additional funding to increase the capacity of their existing program. While this stream does not guarantee that a previous winner will receive further funding, it provides an opportunity for the program to further support a project that has the potential to extend its positive environmental impact.

“The goal of Grants in Gear is to recognize and extend the environmental benefits that ARC members are achieving with our work in the area of environmental best practices”, says Steve Fletcher, Managing Director of the ARC.“By investing in like-minded Canadian organizations that strive to achieve tangible environmental results, we will see the benefit of promoting environmental sustainability not only for auto recyclers but for other allied sectors as well.”

The Grants in Gear team will evaluate both new and legacy applications through a four-phase scoring system. In the initial phase, Scout Environmental will ensure that applicants have followed the criteria set out in the Application Guide. Proposals that meet the set criteria will then be passed to the selection committee who will give a score out of 100. Based on the total score, the applications will be ranked by Scout Environmental and a “Top 7” list will be returned to the selection committee. With consideration to the highest scores and overall merit of the proposal, the selection committee will select four (4) applications to be awarded grant money up to $25,000.

Those interested in applying are encouraged to contact Shelby Kerbel at Scout Environmental to discuss their project in more detail: 416-922-2448 x304, [email protected]. The application package and more information can be found at and applications will be accepted until midnight (EST) on May 6, 2016.