Water & Agriculture in Southern Alberta

June 19, 2009 - 11:30pm to June 21, 2009 - 8:00pm

Water & Agriculture in Southern Alberta, a Residential Workshop

Hosted and organized by Waterlution-A Water Learning Experience with Elizabeth Hendriks, Waterlution Associate, and special guests:

  • Michael Gerrand, Cows and Fish
  • Jeff Porter, South western Alberta Conservation Partnership
  • Roger Holme, Alberta Environment
  • Stephanie Palecheck, Oldman Watershed Council
  • Paulette Fox, Blood Tribe Land Management

Purpose of the Program

As the wild west of Canada was formed irrigation districts developed and the area became rich in ranching and farming which continues today as a strong and positive part of Albertan and Canadian culture. Ultimately though, Southern Alberta has a semi-arid climate and with population growth, water supply has become increasingly an issue.

From the headwaters to the irrigated lands, there is a long history to Southern Alberta culture, land use, and water use. The dominance of agriculture and water supply challenges has been shaped by more than a century of land use and water management decisions made in isolation of each other. To understand today's challenges and opportunities we need to understand not just where we’ve been but where and how the water shapes the land starting in the head waters of Pincher Creek Watershed. This workshop will focus on how water is being managed from the head waters of Pincher Creek to the irrigated districts beyond the Oldman’s Dam.


The Residential workshop will be held in Waterton National Park at the Camp Columbus facilities. Tours will be held in and around the Pincher Creek Watershed and Community.

For more information please contact Elizabeth Hendriks at [email protected] or visit the Waterlution website.


Camp Columbus
Waterton National Park
Waterton , AB