Vegetable Waste Matters — It's Not Garbage Anymore

May 14, 2010 - 1:00am

Public Meeting on Composting

BVCAS is hosting a public meeting on the subject of “Vegetable Waste Matters- It’s Not Garbage Anymore.”  We welcome your attendance and input.

Guest Speaker:  Peter Duck of Toward Zero Waste

Peter Duck’s presentation will give us information on how the Bow Valley’s waste and recyclables are handled.  He will identify some of the opportunities and barriers to finding better ways of disposing our food waste while respecting our neighbors and our mountain environment.  The presentation will provide an opportunity for questions and discussion.  There will be a simple survey, which we ask the attendees to fill in.  The information gathered will be given to Canmore’s Town Council.

A donation at the door to cover expenses would be much appreciated.

Complimentary coffee will be available, please bring your own cup.


Canmore Miners Hall
Canmore , AB