Sustainable Calgary Book Club: Bring on the Apocalypse by George Monbiot

September 16, 2010 - 12:00am to 1:30am

Bring on the Apocalypse by George Monbiot

"Tell people something they know already and they will thank you for it. Tell them something new and they will hate you for it".  Monbiot's essays on self destruction deal with themes of science, political power, war, religion, economics and culture. He has strong opinions and expresses them with concise, intense broadsides against everything from climate change deniers, to the fundamentalist “Christian Taliban,” to the evils of teen magazines, and what continued interest in the Loch Ness monster says about our attitude to real monsters.  Some of the issues he reveals will make you very angry, especially at the wasteful incompetence and sheer self-centeredness of government.

Everyone is welcome. The Book Club is free, you can drop in or register using with your library card online to ensure a seat at or by calling 403-260-2620.

Sustainable Calgary and EcoLiving Events acknowledge the support of the Calgary Public Library with this project.

For Information

See for book details and information or contact the Calgary Public Library www.calgarypubliclibrary,com/library/programs.aspx. The library  reserves some copies of these books each month so be sure to ask if about them at the Library and mention the Sustainable Book Discussion group.

We hope you can join us! Feel free to drop in.


th Floor North Meeting Room, Calgary Public Library
616 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary , AB