A Super-Insulated Retrofit —The Option for Existing Houses

March 11, 2010 - 2:00am

Presented by Harold Orr

Free presentation and discussion. Free refreshments at 6:30 pm +

Start with your existing house to save energy, money and green house gas emissions! Come and hear Canada’s legendary figure in energy efficient construction present the findings from his latest project. This talk will be of interest to home owners, builders, engineers and architects.

Harold's talk will focus on the renovation of a 1950's 4-plex in Regina.  This extensive retrofit included a vapour barrier, new wall and roof insulation, and air-to-air heat exchanger as well as new windows, siding and roofing.  His presentation will cover some of the technical details, economics and performance figures from this well documented project.

Harold Orr is a retired engineer and a carpenter with a distinguished career with the Division of Building Research with the National Research Council in Saskatoon.  Harold has been associated with a number of key innovations in the field of low energy houses including practical air sealing technologies, the Saskatchewan Energy Conservation House, double wall retrofits of existing houses, the HOTCAN computer program, air tightness requirements for buildings and a host of other innovations.  His work has revolutionized energy efficient housing around the world and made Canada the leader that it is.


CN Theatre Room 5-142, 105 Street Building
Grant MacEwan University (105 Street and 105 Avenue)
Edmonton , AB