Solar Systems in Alberta: A Forum of System Owners

November 27, 2014 - 2:00am to 3:30am

Alberta farmers, city dwellers and cabin owners are installing solar systems. Come hear four solar system owners discuss their experience of living with solar.  How are these systems performing in Alberta? How much do they cost?  How do you finance a solar system?  How do you choose the right installer?  Can you do it yourself?  What kind of maintenance is required?  Where can I get good unbiased information and support?  This evening will be useful for anyone considering solar energy in all of its forms.  This seminar is offered free to the public.

Presenters: Four Albertans who have been using electricity, solar hot water and solar space heating.  

Sponsor: The Solar Energy Society of Alberta is a community based non-profit educational society offering high quality solar energy educational events in Alberta since 1976.

Cost: Free


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CN Theatre, Room 5-142
MacEwan University City Centre Campus
Edmonton , AB