Solar Electricity — from Dreamer's Paradise to Everyday Use

December 3, 2009 - 2:00am

…the cheapest electricity for the homeowner?

Gordon Howell, P.Eng.
Howell-Mayhew Engineering

Free presentation and discussion. Free refreshments at 6:30 pm+
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The world of solar energy is changing fast. The price of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy continues its march downwards along with staggering world-wide growth. Huge new silicon foundries and PV module factories will be reducing PV module costs significantly. At the same time the price of electricity in Alberta is poised to soar due to the costs of transmission lines, carbon capture and greenhouse gas emission fees. The solar tipping point is within sight.

Solar PV is rapidly heading towards being cheaper than fossil-fuelled grid electricity for homeowners in Alberta. Expectations are that solar PV will reach grid parity within 2 to 4 years – without any PV subsidies.

Come hear how solar PV compares with the real cost of electricity today. What solar PV electricity costs today. How much it reduces your electricity bills. How it provides you with price security. What you can do now to prepare for the solar tipping point.

Gordon Howell is an electrical engineer designing and developing grid-connected solar PV systems for houses, buildings and industries. In 1995 the solar PV system on his house, sponsored by Edmonton Power and Natural Resources Canada, was the first one connected to the grid west of Toronto and the 12th one in Canada.

Since 1995 he has spent a lot of time uncovering the barriers in connecting PV systems to the grid, and working with Alberta’s government, regulators and electric utilities to remove them and be ready for the solar tipping point.

His work on national and international solar PV standards has shown him how other countries have resolved the same barriers and what we can do here.

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