Sierra Club Chinook Group Monthly Meeting: Satya Das & 2010 Membership Drive kick-off

January 7, 2010 - 2:00am

2010 Membership Drive kick-off, free Wine and Cheese, and

Speaker: Satya Das, author of Green Oil: Clean Energy for the 21st Century?

This third book from author Satya Das explores whether Canadians can achieve sustainable, carbon-neutral energy from the Alberta oil sands. His book shows how the $15 trillion wealth in Canada's oil sands can pay for and build a clean-energy "green future" and lead in setting an example of industry leading environmental stewardship.  He says that along the way, we can significantly reduce water use and environmental impact, and clean up the damage from early extraction. By responsibly developing renewable and alternative energy from the wealth of the oil sands, within a context of sustainability and stewardship Alberta can shift from a producer of "dirty oil" to building energy security for the world.

You can read more about his book on his interactive website:

About Satya Das

Satya's earlier books include Dispatches from a Borderless World (NeWest, 1999) and the best-seller The Best Country: Why Canada Will Lead the Future (Sextant, 2002). Green Oil: Clean Energy for the 21st Century? (ISBN 978-1-926755-00-7) and carry a $25 cover price for the printed version, while the download from is priced at $20. Green Oil is printed on FSC certified paper and also has the seal of approval from the Rainforest Alliance, guaranteeing that publication process adheres to strict environmental guidelines.

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