SESA Seminar Series: A Commercial Net Zero Remodel

December 8, 2011 - 2:00am to 3:30am

A seminar by Warren Sarauer — Chair, Solar Energy Society of Alberta

How do you take a building whose business purpose is no longer viable due to market conditions and transform it into what will be the future in buildings - a carbon neutral footprint in a NetZero energy building? Business owner Warren Sarauer will offer a step-by-step portrait of the process of taking a fifty year old building and renovating it to the highest standards in energy efficiency without a sacrifice to function or aesthetics.

This commercial remodel successfully demonstrates designing a healthy workplace that retains the embodied energy in the existing building, while utilizing recycled materials, minimizing construction waste and even converting the land into a food producing property using native plants. This seminar will provide an example of a wonderful urban revitalization project and how a small Edmonton business owner can make a difference.

Listen to the CBC radio interview with the presenter:

Free admission and refreshments


CN Theatre Room 5-142
Grant MacEwan University — City Centre Campus
Edmonton , AB