SESA Seminar: Alberta Solar PV Performance - The Real Scoop

November 14, 2013 - 2:00am

Speaker: Gordon Howell, P.Eng, Howell-Mayhew Engineering

Solar electricity is growing by leaps and bounds in Alberta.  Some reports suggest that solar electricity is cheaper now than grid electricity.  Are you thinking about a solar-electric system on your own house?

  • What is the actual economic value of solar electricity in Alberta?
  • What is the effect of snow cover on solar performance?
  • What is the best angle to tilt up a solar array? 
  • What if my roof faces east?
  • How can I easily track the performance of my system?

The City of Edmonton established a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Reference System at NAIT to provide real-time and historic data on-line for use by anyone.  With over a year of detailed generation data we can now match the generation to Alberta's wholesale electricity market pricing to calculate the energy value of an Alberta grid-connected solar PV system.  The reference system also allows us to clearly see the effects of tilt angles and snow cover.  Come get the real scoop.  Gordon will also use data generated from the City of Grand Prairie Solar PV Reference System.


CN Theatre Room 5-142
Grant MacEwan University - City Centre Campus (105 Street Building)
Edmonton , AB