Return to the Tar Sands Bike Trip

August 11, 2008 - 6:00am to September 3, 2008 - 6:00am

Summer 2008 - What are you doing for environmental justice?

The Sierra Youth Coalition is organizing another amazing political activism bike trip. After the Climate Change Caravan across Canada in 2001, the Deconstructing Dinner Caravan to Mexico for the WTO summit in 2003, and the To The Tar Sands caravan last year, which pedaled across Alberta to gather the stories of the communities in Alberta and to advocate for a greener economy, SYC is ready for its next trip.

Fill a water bottle full of polluted water in the Athabasca River and hand-deliver it to the oil executive of your choice in Calgary!

Return to the Tar Sands! Join us for the 2008 bike trip to raise awareness on this most pressing issue! The tar sands are Canada's fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, and at the current speed of development, could quickly become Canada's greatest contributor to climate change. It is also degrading Alberta's natural heritage with toxins and clear-cutting, and posing serious health threats to communities in the region.

We will meet up in Edmonton on August 11th 2008 for pre-departure training and workshops (mandatory). The team will start the trip at Fort McMurray five days later and head to Calgary, approximately 1000 kilometers away. Arrival in Calgary is planned for September 3rd.

Let's put the pedal to the wheel! Canada must meet and surpass the reduction targets established under the Kyoto Protocol, and then some!

To participate — please send an email to Marya (, read the attached information sheet, statement of purpose and registration which will be sent to you. And join us this summer!


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